When the search for candidates gets tight: 50-plus as an opportunity

It has become much more difficult for employers and personnel consultants to recruit suitable specialists and managers. We are increasingly challenged because the selection is small even before the shortlist is compiled. In many recruitment projects, this exacerbates the already tense personnel situation within the company. Resources are lacking, projects are delayed and additional costs reduce margins. The positive development of the economy means we are increasingly confronted with this starting position.

Opening up the ideal profile as an opportunity

There is often an age requirement in the ideal profile: Bring us candidates between the ages of 30 and 45. This is understandable, inasmuch as this requirement means that 5 to 20 years of professional experience have passed since graduation, professional experience has been gained in various economic cycles, and that middle-aged future employees can continue to work for the new employer for many years to come. But why don’t we just leave out the age limit entirely?

Potential in experienced candidates

We often forget just how useful the professional experience of older employees is: the economically difficult start during 1990s, followed by the enormous upswing before the turn of the millennium; the internet bubble that burst during the aughts; the upturn of the following years, which led directly to the financial crisis; the subsequent recovery, after which came the euro-franc exchange rate issue, which greatly exacerbated pressure to cut costs. Experienced candidates just over 50 have experienced and mastered all these phases. Experts and engineers from development, industrialisation and supply chain management were also challenged by the economic changes in their duties. They had to bring more functional, cheaper products to market and achieve even higher performance rates under more difficult conditions. 50-plus candidates are very familiar with these challenges.

Specialised personnel consultants are able to find “pearls”, even in CVs that don’t look convincing at first glance

Experienced employees are often affected by reorganisation, which means they have to declare redundancies for economic reasons in their CV. If they are then forced to look for a job under pressure, the next setback often follows immediately. The new employer may not offer the desired opportunity and so individuals have to begin their search for a new position all over again. This unfortunate link must be taken into account in the candidate’s overall picture. A challenge in assessing their potential.

Opportunities for everyone concerned

Let’s make an effort and remove the age specifications. We are familiar with the potential of candidates over 50. They are skilled, with many years of experience during difficult and good times, as well as the will to continue to play a key role with excellent performance during the next phase of their career. Topics such as management range, conditions of employment or an employer who is regarded as a stock market favourite are often no longer of importance. If the personal chemistry is right, experienced specialists and managers will accept the challenge and give it their all.

We are all facing challenges. Let’s open the requirements!

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Martin Käser
Managing Partner