E.M.S. AG recruits engineers and IT specialists for expert and management positions

Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG is active throughout Switzerland as a personnel consultant for renowned companies in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, IT, consulting, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as structural and civil engineering – also in the public sector. In the past 30 years, E.M.S. AG has successfully filled over 6000 expert and management positions with engineers and IT specialists from all disciplines.

Specialised in expert and managerial staff

More than a dozen specialists with many years of experience guarantee the highest level of expertise in searching and selecting dynamic technical experts and management. Continuity is one of our strengths.

Headhunters with industry experience

E.M.S. AG is made up of HR management consultants with many years of professional experience in management positions. They have in-depth industry expertise, an extensive network and are very familiar with the job market for engineers and IT specialists.

Short time-to-hire

When filling expert and management positions, E.M.S. AG applies a transparent, structured process. After just a few weeks, your personnel consultant will present the best candidates to you.

Multidimensional search process

Few of the best engineers and IT specialists are actively looking for jobs. To reach them, we define a multidimensional search process. We use a modern media mix of job portals, newsnet and responsive Google campaigns in the Search and Display Network, supplemented by active sourcing and, if desired, Direct Search.

Unparalleled reach

Your offer must be displayed where the target audience can see it. We achieve this through AI and active campaign management.

High-profile references

In a personal meeting with E.M.S. AG, we will present comparable mandates and introduce our proven search and evaluation processes.

Contact us for more information, references, etc.

Additional offerings from Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG

Tailored assessment

Expertise and experience are important prerequisites for success, even in today’s economic environment. However, the increasing dynamics and complexity of business processes place growing and sometimes contradictory demands on personnel – for example both consistency and flexibility, or independence and the ability to work in a team. With our assessments, we support you in personnel decisions, in clarifying personality requirements, in selecting suitable candidates, as well as in recruitment and personnel development processes.

Developing potential to the fullest

We support you in the development of leadership with one of our coaching offerings. Based on a personality analysis, we look for specific opportunities for change – for example in personal behaviour, communication, conflict behaviour or leadership style. Personality development is a process that we design and accompany you through. It extends over a longer period of time and is conducted as individual personality and communication training.