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Talent Recruitment to accelerate Innovation

The rapid acceleration of technological progress, particularly in the deployment of digitalisation within companies, is having an impact on all sectors of the economy. This creates increasing pressure on companies that must continually innovate to maintain their competitiveness, whether in technology, within their organisation or in their business models.


The ability of companies to respond quickly to these new challenges depends in particular on whether they manage internal skills dynamically. To achieve this, the organisation must develop an internal culture of innovation and continuously train its qualified staff, but it must also recognise the importance of staff turnover to support innovation.


To illustrate this point, it is interesting to note that Apple, at the time of the iPhone's launch in 2007, did not follow any of the classic R&D strategies. Its technological and commercial success was, in fact, mainly due to the large-scale strategic recruitment of technical experts with complementary knowledge, particularly in the field of mobile telephony, which enabled the implementation of the strategic vision of its leader, Steve Jobs.


However, accessing quality human resources, and mastering new, entrepreneurial technologies that can be integrated into the specific culture of the business is a major challenge for all companies. The situation is exacerbated by a very competitive market for the acquisition of such talent, who are often young and from innovative companies, and therefore not necessarily prepared to integrate into the more traditional Swiss businesses. Two recent studies (SECO and economiesuisse) have shown that there is a shortage of engineers in Switzerland; 90% of the companies consulted find it difficult to fill qualified engineering positions.


A recruitment strategy has to take this complex situation into account when the goal is to seek qualified engineers. Despite the wide variety of social networks and job portals, identifying and attracting a sufficient number of qualified candidates is often only the first challenge for many companies. The next step is to determine whether an applicant’s technological, managerial and social skills skills are as advertised. In addition, it is necessary to determine a new recruit’s ability to integrate permanently into a company. It is then up to the employer to integrate such skills, to value and retain its best talent.

THE SERVICES OF Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. SA

Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. SA provides a service with a high level of added value to its customers at the national level, thanks to its in-depth expertise within this specialised market and its familiarity with the ecosystem of innovation, including technology start-ups. For 30 years, our firm has distinguished itself by specialising in the selection and recruitment of engineers, experts and managers, thanks also to the profiles of its 15 consultants, who all have many years of experience as managers within Swiss and international companies, allowing us to act as a quality interface between our clients and job candidates.

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