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Personnel recruitment – meet your objective in nine weeks thanks to the most modern search methods

Regardless of whether your partner for personnel searches, personnel selection or personnel recruitment calls themselves a recruitment specialist for management, recruitment consultant, headhunter, executive search agency, recruiter, recruitment agency, search firm, personnel consultant, employment agency, HR services provider, engineering recruitment specialist, or engineering recruitment expert, one of the criteria that is often underestimated is the time-to- hire.

Since the founding of Engineering Management Selection E.M.S AG, we have constantly taken on the issue of how to shorten for our clients the time needed for the application process, the time-to- placement, thereby providing them with advantages against the competition. Open positions or positions filled with personnel that is not sufficiently qualified cost a lot of money. Our clients are under enormous pressure to be successful. The higher up in the hierarchy the position to be filled is, the greater the negative effects are. Losses occur due to missed opportunities for innovation, a lack of customer service and/or losses in production. With our specialisation we manage to significantly reduce the time needed for the application process – which tends to have especially increased for large companies – even before implementing the most modern, digital, web-based search methods, and we guarantee a time limit by which a contract is concluded. Crucial for this are mandate-specific search processes, profound market know-how, and a large network in the employment market for engineering and IT specialists and management. Thanks to the implementation of multidimensional search processes with Google AdWords and online news campaigns, as well as social media and job portals that best cover the selected personnel market and address active and passive job seekers, we have been able to reduce the time necessary for the application process even more. The prerequisite for this media mix is fundamental know-how and experience with new media, because it comprises a total of 16 platforms, from Google Display und Search Network ads to Newsnet and LinkedIn. We are currently able to fill even the most challenging positions within the defined time period of nine weeks or less, saving our clients a significant amount of time and money.

Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG is active throughout Switzerland as a recruitment consultant for renowned businesses in electrical engineering, electronics, the power industry, information technology, consulting, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, as well as structural and civil engineering – also for public works. Over the past 30 years, E.M.S. AG has successfully filled over 6000 specialist and management positions with engineers and IT specialists from all branches of industry.

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