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«Generation Y»

How do we motivate and win over Generation Y?

That was the topic at the customer event held by E.M.S. AG in Berne. Input from speaker, Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Kels, can be read below. We are pleased to also support you with your recruiting activities and are standing by to provide information.

What are typical work attitudes and values held by Generation Y?

“In comparison to other generations, many young adults in Swiss Generation Y do not perceive work, profession and career as an all-determining aspect of their lives. They desire a varied job that is in balance with their diverse interests and life goals, such as time for partnership, friends, hobbies as well as travel.”

“Members of Generation Y are less oriented on values that are not based on their own accord, such as money, status or prestige. More important instead are an eventful and varying job, a good working atmosphere on the team level and interesting learning and development possibilities.”

The media tend to assert that Generation Y acts extremely opportunistically and is constantly seeking attention. Can these descriptions be confirmed?

“Empirically-based studies have been unable to confirm these generalized assertions. The majority of young adults from Generation Y are people who are motivated, eager to learn and team-minded. Managers and recruiters should approach such stereotypes skeptically and instead face young adults with a curious and open attitude.”

What criteria do young adults orient themselves upon while searching for a job?

“Young adults especially ask themselves the following questions when choosing an employer:

  • Are my duties challenging, varied, multifaceted, meaningful and creative?
  • What development possibilities does an employer offer me? Diverse options are sought here and less so a rapid and predictable rise in the hierarchy.
  • Who will I be working with? Many people from Generation Y prefer to meet not only their future superiors, but also their team colleagues during the recruiting process.
  • Do they meet me eye to eye? Is the meeting atmosphere during the interview personal, relaxed, respectful and open or impersonal and sterile?
  • Does the employer offer me the option of flexibly determining the beginning and ending of a work day, as well as the ability to work from home now and then? Does the job enable me to balance my professional and private life and to design it suitably for me?”

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Martin Käser

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