Job offers from E.M.S. AG for IT specialists and IT engineers

Do you have several years of professional experience and are seeking a partner to effectively support you in your professional reorientation?

E.M.S. AG is regularly commissioned by renowned companies to find certified IT specialists and IT engineers for specialist and management positions in development, sales, distribution, consulting and management. These companies are start-ups, software firms and IT service providers specialising in

  • Tailored software development
  • ERP – enterprise resource planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Cloud
  • CRM – customer relationship management
  • Document management
  • eCommerce / online shop
  • IT service management
  • PDM product information management
  • Time recording
  • Geotechnical information systems
  • IT security
  • Forensics
  • Games
  • Blockchain

The consultants at E.M.S. AG also execute search requests for other sectors, such as

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Public administration
  • Automobile industry
  • Instrument and tool building
  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Security
  • Facility management

The partners at Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG speak your language, offering skilled consulting for your professional reorientation and guaranteeing you the highest level of discretion.

job offers