Human resources consulting for specialist and management positions in engineering and information technology

Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG is active throughout Switzerland as a human resources consultant for notable companies in electrical engineering, electronics, the power industry, information technology, consulting, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, mechanical engineering and plant equipment manufacturing, as well as structural engineering and civil engineering – also for public institutions. During the past 30 years, E.M.S. AG has successfully filled over 6,000 specialist and management positions with engineers and IT specialists from all fields.

The experts in recruiting specialists and managersThe experts in recruiting specialists and managers

Over a dozen experts with long-term experience guarantee the highest level of competence in seeking and selecting dynamic specialists and managers. Continuity is one of our strengths.

Experts as headhunters

E.M.S. consultants are business consultants for HR issues with long-term professional experience in management positions. They have in-depth industry expertise, an extensive network and are very familiar with the job market for engineers and IT specialists.

Brief time-to-hire

E.M.S. AG uses a transparent and structured process to fill specialist and management positions. Your personnel consultant will present you with the best candidates after just a few weeks. At E.M.S. AG, deadlines are not lip service, they are binding agreements.

Multidimensional searches

Only a few of the best engineers and IT specialists are actively looking for a job. To reach them, E.M.S. AG puts together a multidimensional search process (media mix with Newsnet and Google Display Network, Active Sourcing, Direct Search).

Targeted candidate solicitation for specialist and management positions

Surveying over 5,000 qualified applicants allows us to make in-depth recommendations for efficient candidate solicitation and to select the right steering instruments to efficiently structure the entire recruiting process. Let us show you how E.M.S. AG can find you the most successful engineers and IT specialists.

High quality references

Comparable mandates will be presented to you in a personal interview, with an in-depth explanation of E.M.S. AG’s proven search and evaluation processes.

Keep resources open

Recruiting qualified engineers and IT specialists is time-consuming and takes up valuable internal resources. Handing this mandate over to E.M.S. AG frees you from most of this work.

Experts nearby

The consultants in Basel (061 271 24 24), Bern (031 326 23 23), Lausanne (021 613 70 00), St. Gallen (071 228 44 44) and Zurich (044 266 13 13) will be happy to orient you on the advantages of collaborating with E.M.S. AG. They are looking forward to your call.

Our subsidiary, Corporate Management Selection C.M.S. AG (044 250 40 00), is available to you for recruiting specialists and managers with backgrounds in commerce and/or business administration.