Managing and developing the Swiss operations of a leading international industrial group

Our client, Infranor Group, is one of Europe’s most renowned manufacturers of automation components. The Group, with its headquarters in Yverdon, designs, manufactures and sells servomotors, servo-drives and computer numerical controls used mainly in the industrial automation sector, with over 200 employees internationally. At the cutting edge of technology, the Group continuously develops innovative products that are marketed globally under the brands Infranor, Mavilor & Cybelec. To lead the operations of Infranor in Switzerland, we are looking for a seasoned

Director Infranor Switzerland

In this new position based in Yverdon, you will take over responsibility for the two Swiss entities up to their planned merging in 2022: Cybelec SA and Infranor SA. You will report to the management of Infranor Holding and to the respective boards of directors. With your team of over 50 employees, you will be in charge of both designing, manufacturing and commercialising Cybelec products globally, as well as of marketing the full range of Infranor products and solutions in Switzerland. Cybelec offers a complete range of high-performance numerical controls commonly used in the field of bending and shearing technology; a team of high-skilled, experienced hardware and software developers, supports the development of solutions for additional industrial sectors. Thanks to the Infranor Group’s links with a Chinese group active in robotics and machine tools, strong development is expected in Asia.
Main responsibilities
  • Manage Cybelec SA with operations in Yverdon and in China, and Infranor SA with offices in Regensdorf
  • Define, in collaboration with Infranor Group’s CEO and his management team, the main lines of the companies’ development strategies
  • Manage, and supervise the organisational, technical, human, financial and logistical resources to achieve the overall objectives set by the Group
  • Achieve targeted growth and profitability of Infranor products and solutions on the Swiss market
  • Foster internal development of innovative CNC hardware and software solutions for the machine industry in order to reinforce the technical lead and competitiveness of Infranor in this market
  • Achieve targeted global growth and profitability of Cybelec products and solutions, with the support of the international sales and engineering companies of the Infranor Group
  • Expand Cybelec’s international sales distribution network
  • Develop internal processes in order to increase the performance of the companies
  • Promote the image and notoriety of Infranor brands
Your profile
  • Engineering degree
  • Experienced and visionary manager, mastering the development and deployment of winning strategies in highly competitive high-tech markets
  • In-depth knowledge in the field of industrial automation and of the Swiss industrial ecosystem
  • Experience in sales, business development, operations, assembly and supply chain management
  • Senior executive with natural leadership and undisputed charisma, able to inspire employees, unite them around ambitious projects and encourage them to surpass themselves to achieve the objectives
  • Ability to establish yourself with the existing management team through your skills, dynamism and commitment
  • Desire and taste for teamwork with a management composed of strong and competent personalities
  • Business-savvy director ready to take responsibility for the budget and financial results
  • Upright, loyal, thoughtful personality, endowed with a proven analytical mind, capable of implementing decisions
  • Full proficiency in French, (Swiss-)German and English
In short, a seasoned industrial profile, trilingual, experienced in the automated control of machines and capable of managing the product development, operations and sales activities of these entities. If you recognise yourself in such a profile do not hesitate to call me (+41 21 613 7000) for additional information or to apply by email (
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    Director Infranor Switzerland
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    Maschinenbau / Mechatronik / Automation
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    Jacques Laurent
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Jacques Laurent
Jacques Laurent